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Ashcroft Ghost Town: Joe Sawyer’s Cabin

11 miles up Caster Creek Road lies the Ashcroft Ghost Town. The cabin shown here is where Ashcroft's "Ghosts" (interns) live. There is no electricity or running water. It is an original Ashcroft cabin which used to be up closer to the highway until a snow plow hit it one winter and they decided to move it down to its present location.
The cabin is on the foundation of Joe Sawyer’s cabin. Joe, true to his name, used to run the saw mill in Ashcroft. He was probably the last old timer to live here. He lived in a squat one-room cabin at this location until the late 1940's.
Joe used to go for long walks with his horse into the higher alpine meadows which surround us to recharge his spiritual battery. [ text courtesy Heritage Aspen ]
In winter, the Ashcroft Touring Center opens 30 Km cross-country ski trails and the Pine Creek Cookhouse to lunches and elegant dinners.

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