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Rest In Peace

There's a joke around town...
How many Aspenites does it take to change a lightbulb?
Ten. One to screw it in and 9 to talk about how great the old one was.

This section is dedicated to those who like to remember the old days except these panoramas aren't that old. Still, it does show some of the changes in recent years and the result of Aspen's local vocabulary such as "scrape and replace" and the "retail shuffle."

crystal palace dinner theater
The Crystal Palace
aspen fire department
Aspen Firehouse
silver queen gondola
Silver Queen Gondola
red onion bar andrestaurant
Red Onion
la cocina mexican restaurant
La Cocina Restaurant
la cocina restaurant
La Cocina 2
aspen art gallery
Aspen Artists Gallery flash
thrift shop
Thrift Shop
shad shad
spacer shad